Aeon Furnace - Providence Descends tape

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Recorded in 2022 and now released under the devout banner of Ancien Culte, the debut EP of this new Black Metal of Death act from Finland.

Featuring L.S.A. of Cosmic Church fame, and The Third Deceiver from Scourge Lair, an act that definitely reminisces with Aeon Furnace, we are delivered a journey of crushing, sulphurous Black Metal.

Like primordial earthly fumes plummeting from desolate solfataras, Aeon Furnaces contaminates the air around you, making it heavy and unbreathable. Close to 20 minutes of Death Metal-tinged Black Metal, packed with stripped-down but killer riffage, filled with excellent hooks, and much in devotion with Finland's Bestial tradition, as well as in line with some of its modern purveyors like Scourge Lair, Blooming Carrions or Celestial Grave. The excellent guitar work is fittingly accompanied by the insurmountable depth of the bass, carrying the eruptive force of all tectonic plaques with its groove and presence, and the epic howling of the vocals launches plagues of death and primordial force.

Released on cassette via Ancien Culte.

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