Chheam / Hématohiémal - split tape

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Like a forgotten shadow, this split cassette emerges from a very distant past. Bringing together two mysterious new entities of Quebec black metal, the warriors involved in this manifestation are long-time lurkers from the French-Canadian underground.

Chheam presents a monumentally tortured journey into the subconscious of a tormented and bloody soul, born of fire and living in frost. 3 tracks of introspective and epic black metal exalting the trauma of an undermined bloodline. The fury of erased memories of a buried past resurfacing in dazzling tumults...

Hématohiémal navigates through the icy lands of the soul, a succession of 14 short songs that are at once angry, dry and minimalist, but also atmospheric and cold. They reflect the very essence of solitude and contemplation. Each note resonates like an ethereal breeze, enveloping the listener in an atmosphere of madness, evoking distorted images of endless snowy landscapes and profound silences.


Tour de Garde