Connor Camburn - aulos – αυλός CD

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More stark coldness & ghastly electronics from Connor Camburn. Yes indeed your stereo is broken and theres no fixing it….

Comes in an envelope a zine-like booklet.

Here’s a verbose description from the label, Careful Catalog:

“Connor Camburn’s work in audio has a rare capacity to forge a link between language and electronics. The 12_02-03-04-06-11_2016 cassette on Alien Passengers brought this relationship to prominence and confronted listeners with a hypnotic, encrypted sequence of phonemes and redaction. In much of his output, the shape of the vessel is what’s left to speak for its withdrawn or destroyed contents. aulos – αυλός has been in Connor’s archives since 2012, and now in 2019 finds its way to publication on Careful Catalog, suggesting a reinforcement of tenets from past works which have since been revisited. An essay produced alongside the recordings is presented with equal weight. Within these pieces, feedback systems hollow out the ducts of a self-sustained instrument, allowing focus to sharpen and wear on the simultaneously emerging stages of a cycle. Central to the structural elements parsed in an automated system is the role of the operator/performer, with the Greek aulos functioning as a useful analogue. The text solidifies in a stylized, concrete manner how this work extend to fields such as classics, engineering, and poetry to form an example of an interdisciplinary mechanic art. aulos – αυλός is a thorough and accomplished report of some of Connor’s driving concerns as an artist. Skeletal and unflinching, yet openly communicative as an annotated composition, passing participants in and out of unique circuitry with a fullness of breath. Recommended for fans of blackhumour, Nicolas Collins, and Gertrude Stein.”