In Articulo Mortis - Sombre Mélancolie tape

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1995 Symphonic Black Metal from France. 

Presented by Tour de Garde

"The In Articulo Mortis demo "Sombre mélancolie" is a cult and almost forgotten recording of the French underground black metal of the 90s. Published in cassette format at the time and distributed in a few hundred copies, "Sombre mélancolie" remains a classic for those who were present during those years of dark revolt. Almost three decades after its original release, Tour de Garde rekindles the flame of In Articulo Mortis! Having little in common with the sound of its southern France counterparts, In Articulo Mortis reminds us of the sounds of the past with its electronic keyboards and atmospheric passages.

Adepts of black metal who have distant souvenirs and who remember defining moments of labels such as Adipocere Records, Hammerheart Records or Holy Records will find what they are looking for with "Sombre mélancolie". The CD version of the reissue contains 2 exclusive bonus tracks from promo tape 1994 . The band insisted that this reissue be released with its new logo designed by none other than Christophe Szpajdel and a new cover image exclusive to this new version of the release."