Nit - Clotheshanger tape

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Due to the unexpected passing of a friend of the underground, Feral Heart Productions is helping distribute the last remaining copies of the Eternal Tapes releases.

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Through blizzard winds of gritting gray noise, NIT's latest document plows through desiccated bones of sound like a bulldozer, blowing out exhaust fumes of rattling oscillation.
Growling, pulsing veins of distortion shake, slither, and vibrate under a blanket of seething ashes, crumbling like burnt garbage, strangling the magnetic tape like creeping weeds.
Sleazy, desperate moans and commanding barks of disapproval spew from the morass of humiliation, pouring into a hollow vacuum of uneasy, rickety synth.
Like a drunken tirade upon its captive audience, "Clothes Hanger" delivers head-rattling blows to the ears, lysergically drowning the real world in a fuzz of paranoia.

Handmade c22 with flesh colored saxon onion skin insert. Artwork by Cost and Will Vangorder. Limited edition of 50 copies.