Northern - Cabin Fever LP

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"Northern plays antiquated and old fashioned New Hampshire Black Metal..."

Formerly known as Cold Northern Vengeance, now shortened to Northern. "Cabin Fever" has a grim, backwoods feeling that is more convincing and sincere than most of the current crop. Excellent album.

Label Description:

NortherN (formerly Cold Northern Vengeance) from the frozen land of GG Allin ( aka New Hampshire ) offers the listener 7 Rustic Charms of Darkness on their latest offering to the Gods below entitled 'Cabin Fever' out on Sinistrari Records. 

The rugged coldness of a blizzard in the woods coupled with a whiskey bent misanthropic view of the world at large will lead you to a  depressive and paradoxical conclusion. Do not put your faith in mankind . Look to the mountains and the secrets of the North... Stockpile ammo, carry a pistol , tend to the fire , crack the bottle of bourbon  and heed the call of the NortherN black wind ...

Northern plays Pagan, cold, perplexing black metal in the Vinland style.  Support the true American underground terror. 

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