Ostara - Kingdom Gone LP (Marble vinyl)

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Ostara is Richard Leviathan, formerly known for Strength Through Joy. Kingdome Gone is their second album from 2002, a great neo-folk album with a feel of 60s psychedelia. Great stuff. 


OSTARA - Kingdom Gone LP
Kingdom Gone, Ostara‘s essential second album,has finally been released on limited edition marble or black vinyl. Remastered and beautifully presented with new artwork and lyrics, this compelling classic of the Neofolk genre features some of the duo’s most accomplished songs, including Bavaria, Overworld, Transsylvania, Kingdom Gone and The Hammer of Ages. Capturing the apocalyptic spirit of the early new millennium, this is an album that has stood the test of time, resonant with powerful melodies and lyrical symbolism which encapsulate the very best of Ostara.

- Limited to 250 hand numbered copies (150 black and 100 marble - exclusive to New Era mailorder);
- Carefully remastered for vinyl;
- 180 grams heavy vinyl;
- Full-colour, gloss-laminated sleeve;
- Full-colour, gloss-laminated 250gr inlay/lyric-sheet.