Rotten Moon - The Endless Church tape

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Second demo and third release of this excellent Finnish project, by single member, Heinous Entity, now revealed to be Antti Klemi, the incredible and prolific mind behind other excellent acts that should need no introduction such as Absolute Key, Absava, and more notoriously, Circle of Ouroboros.

Following up to a demo, "In the Vale of Astral Grave" and the full-length titled "No Dawn in This World of Infernal Eclipses", both released by the great Esfinge de la Cavalera, Klemi returns once again, with another excellent piece of anguished, mantra-like mid-paced Raw Black Metal, delivered through harsh, slow, dissonant riffing conveying a crawling feeling of dread and engulfing through the void, not too unlike the slow dirges of Carved Cross or Nattefrygt. The most preponderant elements in here however are the excellent, hypnotic, crystalline synths, cold like the immense, eternal loneliness of the cosmos, carrying a haunting, shivering aura with its beautifully somber melodies that definitely reminisce with bands like Candelabrum or Death Scepter.

Released by Ancien Culte on cassette format.