The Utopians - After the Future tape

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Due to the unexpected passing of a friend of the underground, Feral Heart Productions is helping distribute the last remaining copies of the Eternal Tapes releases.

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With 'After The Future', The Utopians offer up the sound of transmissions from a possible future into our own time- abstract shards of organ and piercing keyboard melodies, broken loops, enigmatic political orations and religious ceremonies and the sounds of desperate combat, together forming the abandoned future ruins of music, crumbling and full of baffling interference, just on the edge of legibility, like a message in a dream.
'After The Future' presents endless depths into which the listener can sink, into the futility of failed revolutions and the despair of fallen Messiahs, garbled warning messages sent to us from the people of a distant age, where the agonies of our own struggles are forgotten in the immensities of history.

Handmade c44 with flesh colored saxon onion skin insert. Artwork by Left SR. Limited edition of 50 copies.